Toys in a Box


Upon venturing into Toy / Figure Photography, I found myself making a DIY light box. Here are the shots that got out of the oven:

Sleeping stuffed dog with pillow, candles and Marvel Onslaught's hand

The theme here is Halloween. See the sleeping, cuddly stuffed dog? Now, do you see the 3 candles and the monster hand creeping out of his… hmmm… pillow.
Very good idea. Poor shot. 😀

Bandai Model Kit Evangelion 2.0 EVA-01 gun DIY box

Here is EVA-01 Bandai Model kit of Evangelion 2.0. If I am to correct this, I would have placed the hands differently.

Toybiz Mcfarlane Campbell Spider-man DIY box

This is Campbell/Mcfarlace Spider-man. Every Spidey figure collector knows this one. The articulation is superb but joints are loose and the paint job is horrible but still, I want him in my collection. Tilting to make the background lines diagonal makes this shot better for me. Yep just for me. 😉

Revoltech Lupin the Third red DIY box

Lupin the Third by Revoltech. One of Revoltech’s releases that I really like. ‘Still wishing that they would release the enemy of Lupin, the Defective… err… Detective.

DIY light box with Bandai Model Kit EVA-01 Evangelion 2.0

In case you want to see the Behind The Scenes (BTS).


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