Toy Pose: Revoltech Jigen and Robot Spirits EVA-02


I think this is a very important detail you must consider in taking toy photos. You would want to make them look real. I sometimes do the pose in front of a mirror to see if it would look realistic and not awkward… though, me doing it looks really awkward. :p

Check out anime/manga characters for their signature pose or how they normally do their moves.

Revoltech Jigen Sepia

I used a textured paper and a lamp here with Revoltech Jigen of Lupin the Third.

Robot Spirits Evangelion EVA-02

Running pose of Evangelion’s EVA-02 Robot Spirits of Bandai with a Brown Cartolina paper background. This one got very good articulation, lots of hands and accessories.


6 thoughts on “Toy Pose: Revoltech Jigen and Robot Spirits EVA-02

    • Yes, static poses are like viewing the figure in a toy store, inside it’s box, trapped with cable ties. :p
      Camera phones nowadays are on par with digicams. Maybe you can use the darkness and the cam noise/grains for added drama. πŸ˜‰

      Btw, cool diorama. I wish I also have the talent (and time) to learn making some. The obstacle I usually encounter is the setup for the figure. :/


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