Macro: Orange You Hungry Ms. Butterfly?


Macro of an orange butterfly sipping nectar


Toy: Lego Painter


Here’s my latest toy acquisition. Yes, it’s a simple lego man.

I’m supposed to stop my collection but little purchases like this one doesn’t show on radar. LOL.

Either I get a huge pay increase, win the lottery or get a sponsor… otherwise, my toy photography days will be over. X_X


Lego series painter resting

…resting a bit.

Toy: Studying With Figma Manaka Takane of the Game: Love Plus!


Libraries tend to cast a slumber spell on me whenever I enter one. The cold air-conditioned breeze, the timid tapping of shoes, the fluttering of pages turned and the dead silence = sleep.


But if I happen to have someone like Manaka Takane in front of me, I won’t fall asleep, but will surely be dazed staring at her lovely face… -_-


Figma Manaka Takane of the game Love Plus studying in a silence at school

sigh…. -_-