Not Your Usual Hero – Astro Fighter Sunred


Every sentai hero wears a mask, even Sunred! But aside from the mask, he’s all casual like any average joe with shorts and a shirt… nothing more.

This Figma Sunred is an automatic buy for me. Clueless as to what his story is, I immediately handed wads of cash (actually he costs just like any average figma) just to get one then searched for the manga.

‘Love this fig as it comes with accessories such as (a plastic bag, fishing pole, a rechargeable sentai gun thingy, and feet with and without sandals). Cool!

Now, if only I can muster the courage to take a toy pic of him in a public market. X_x

Figma Astro Fighter Sunred on a Freeing Green Vintage Bike

This is a retake of my Masked Rider Black and Battle Hopper shot. You can check it out here:



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