Last Minute Valentine/Romance-Themed Shot


Ok. I’ve been trying my best to make this one for about a week. ‘Was doing a Wall-E and Eve shot but it felt that it lacks something.

Last minute rush. ‘Got a good angle. Wifey saw it and gasped in amazement (exaggerated story telling). 😉

Here’s  the shot of Figma Koyomi Araragi of the anime Monogatari series and Figma Manaka Takane of the game LovePlus.


Surprise kiss by Figma Manaka Takane of LovePlus game with Koyomi Araragi of Monogatari anime




This pic made it to MyFigureCollection’s Picture of the day (Yey!):

Myfigurecollection Picture of the day POTD Figma Araragi Koyomi Manaka Takane kiss 13 trese mark peeks


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