Ugh! Where’s the toilet?


Wonder why Sadako walks like that? ^^D

S. H. FIguarts Sadako looking for the toilet

‘gotta pee…


4 thoughts on “Ugh! Where’s the toilet?

    • I like them both… and The Grudge (original asian version)… and Insidious. ^_^
      The Ring / Ringu sets a trend in horror. Suddenly, all ghost ladies have long hair, white dress and walks odd. ^^D
      No more floating from the floor and appearing suddenly like the old days. LOL.


      • Yeah.. It did bring in a new Era for female ghosts.. I need to check out the original Grudge. I honestly did not care too much for the American version. Now Insidious was pretty damn good! Have you watched the original Let the Right Ones In?

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