Heroes’ Source of Power


Every hero has a source of power.

Heroes' source of power


Lead The Way


This shot was taken when I was still trying to learn Street photography.

Well, I think it doesn’t really suit a shy, timid and weak person like me.

But the physical and intellectual exercise are really intense in this type of photography.

Street Photography leading lines?

Favorite Figma and Favorite Manhwa


Here’s Figma Suruga Kanbaru from the Monogatari anime series with my favorite manhwa as background – The Breaker! Do check it out. It’s on its 2nd arc, The Breaker: New Waves. The art and story keeps getting better and better. I hope a Figma figure of the characters come out soon and of course an anime.

Anime producers and Good Smile Company, hear me out!!!  ^0^


Figma Suruga Kanbaru and Shioon of The Breaker New Waves manhwa

Majin Cat


Are you familiar with the Dragon Ball Z anime? Do you remember Babidi?

He’s this little rodent looking guy who’s responsible for Majin Buu wrecking havoc on Earth.

Well, he’s back but instead of putting his enchantment on Vegeta again (remember Vegeta with a large “M” on his forehead?), he placed one on a cute little… giant kitten.

Babidi and Majin cat


*The “M” on the kitten’s forehead is not made thru editing. She’s born with that. 😉