Big Hero 6 in Action


Well, not in his superhero flying form but someone who helps someone in need is a hero in my list.

Here’s Baymax saving kittens on top of a tree.

By the way, if you plan to watch it, as in any Marvel movie, there’s an after credit scene.


Big Hero 6 Baymax saving kittens trapped on a tree

No claws please.


Sentai Suits


People who’ve seen Sentai characters all know that the first thing you would notice are their suits / costumes. They’re armored from top to toe with insect-like (or biker-like as other see) gear. But in the case of the unusual Astro Sunred, a helmet is enough. What will the brothers, Black and Shadowmoon do?

A complete Sentai costume is a must!

*Shadowmoon’s and Black’s suits/bodies courtesy of Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man.