Macro Hunt


There aren’t much insects the day I shot this. I was scanning the plants here and there but found nothing aside from little flies. We’ll, I seem to have found a volunteer raising his hand (appendage or whatever it’s called).


Here’s Mr. Tiny Fly:

Tiny fly raising his hand Me! Me! Me!


Hunting The Hunter


‘Got this Revoltech Rathalos / Liolaeus dragon from the PSP game Monster Hunter late.

Luckily, I found one on ebay.

Not easy to balance but I love it. It looks menacing (I even made roaring sounds while posing this. Shhh…)

Planning a battle royale with the Revoltech Jurassic Park T-Rex and Bandai’s Monster Arts King Kong which are both great figures too. I want the Monster Arts Godzilla but I can’t convince myself to spend money on him since he seems hard to pose and costs much too. Oh, and there’s an upcoming Revoltech Tigrex too but I need to stop myself or I’ll get broke soon. Sigh. This hobby is ripping my wallet to shreds. T_T


Well, enough with the monologue. Here’s Rathalos! GRAAWWRRRRR! PUGSHH! PUGSHHH! (balls of fire shooting from his mouth). PUGGSHHH! PUGSHH!

Revoltech Monster Hunter Rathalos / Liolaeus (red)