Peter Parker’s Play Time


‘Saw an FB post of a friend showing these Pixel Movie Tumblers. Yeah, who would have guessed?

What’s good about them (aside from containing your drink) is that it’s in scale with my figs (1/12).

Cool! Let’s play!

Mafex Spider Man DX playing Pixel Movie arcade


Giant Gone Wild


When speaking of monsters in a very large scale, King Kong’s name will surely be there

…along with Godzilla and the Marshmallow man..

I’ve read in social media that there are plans to make a movie with King Kong and Godzilla in it.

I hope it will push thru and maybe they can make the battles as epic as ever (get ideas from gorillas battling out for leadership).

Here’s my King Kong asking for that fight…(and no, I don’t have a Monster Arts Godzilla so there. Huhuhu. T_T)

Monster Arts King Kong calling out to Godzilla or maybe to tiny planes flying by.