Japanese Ham in the woods


monster hunter poogie kimono pig


Same Name… Game!


I’ve been using different nicks/watermarks for quite some time now. I realized that it is not helping. It wasn’t easy to google my works (as if someone wants to LOL). So I decided to change most (if not all) of them online galleries to one username: maxtrese

If you want to follow me through other social media sites, check out the list on my new facebook cover page below:

Facebook maxtrese cover pic UP diliman street sidewalk drainage

Passing By


Saw this little guy/gal crawling/sliding down on. Yep, sliding down.

I actually rotated this shot. I think it looks better in this orientation. 😉

Here’s Mr./Ms. Snail!

macro of a snail passing by on a moss filled stone wall

I love taking pictures of snails and taking those shots in moss filled stones. Here’s why.