Return of the Jedi


Can you guess where I shot this?

SH FIguarts Luke Skywalker of Star Wars


Kakashi of the Sharingan


Honestly, I’m having second thoughts pre-ordering this figure. SHF Naruto line makes me feel like SHF One Piece. The sculpt is not very good. The effect parts are lame. This fig arrived and my doubts were confirmed (eyes were too droopy, his effect part looks like a water balloon, etc.). This will be one of the figs to be disposed fast! ‘Still sealed so the selling price will still be as good as a brand new one.

But alas, I need to shoot something and only this figure is concept ready. Oh well, might as well give it a swing since I can’t sell it now for a better price than SRP.


Figuarts Kakashi of Naruto

‘Need something?


Hmmm… It came out well. Maybe he’s the photogenic type. I guess I will hold on to this guy a little longer.