The Lonely Gourmet is eating alone… at home.


I don’t have much info regarding this character but bought him because he’s so plain and I can easily fit him in the real world. Here’s Goro “The Lonely Gourmet” by Figma of Good Smile Company …in a 1/12 Mitsuwa model room, …sampling a ref magnet bento. :p   Figma Lonely Gourmet sampling a bento... alone.


Big Hero 6 in Action


Well, not in his superhero flying form but someone who helps someone in need is a hero in my list.

Here’s Baymax saving kittens on top of a tree.

By the way, if you plan to watch it, as in any Marvel movie, there’s an after credit scene.


Big Hero 6 Baymax saving kittens trapped on a tree

No claws please.

Favorite Figma and Favorite Manhwa


Here’s Figma Suruga Kanbaru from the Monogatari anime series with my favorite manhwa as background – The Breaker! Do check it out. It’s on its 2nd arc, The Breaker: New Waves. The art and story keeps getting better and better. I hope a Figma figure of the characters come out soon and of course an anime.

Anime producers and Good Smile Company, hear me out!!!  ^0^


Figma Suruga Kanbaru and Shioon of The Breaker New Waves manhwa

Majin Cat


Are you familiar with the Dragon Ball Z anime? Do you remember Babidi?

He’s this little rodent looking guy who’s responsible for Majin Buu wrecking havoc on Earth.

Well, he’s back but instead of putting his enchantment on Vegeta again (remember Vegeta with a large “M” on his forehead?), he placed one on a cute little… giant kitten.

Babidi and Majin cat


*The “M” on the kitten’s forehead is not made thru editing. She’s born with that. 😉

Horror Movie Characters Watching Horror Movie


Halloween is near and I must embrace it using some of my latest acquisitions:

Bandai’s S. H. Figuarts Sadako of The Ring movie and Good Smile Company’s Figma Zombie Flyboy of the Dawn of the Dead movie.

Here they are, enjoying the night, watching a horror movie on TV.

Figma Zombie Flyboy and SHF Sadako watching a horror movie on TV

What the… !