Peter Parker’s Play Time


‘Saw an FB post of a friend showing these Pixel Movie Tumblers. Yeah, who would have guessed?

What’s good about them (aside from containing your drink) is that it’s in scale with my figs (1/12).

Cool! Let’s play!

Mafex Spider Man DX playing Pixel Movie arcade


Hunting The Hunter


‘Got this Revoltech Rathalos / Liolaeus dragon from the PSP game Monster Hunter late.

Luckily, I found one on ebay.

Not easy to balance but I love it. It looks menacing (I even made roaring sounds while posing this. Shhh…)

Planning a battle royale with the Revoltech Jurassic Park T-Rex and Bandai’s Monster Arts King Kong which are both great figures too. I want the Monster Arts Godzilla but I can’t convince myself to spend money on him since he seems hard to pose and costs much too. Oh, and there’s an upcoming Revoltech Tigrex too but I need to stop myself or I’ll get broke soon. Sigh. This hobby is ripping my wallet to shreds. T_T


Well, enough with the monologue. Here’s Rathalos! GRAAWWRRRRR! PUGSHH! PUGSHHH! (balls of fire shooting from his mouth). PUGGSHHH! PUGSHH!

Revoltech Monster Hunter Rathalos / Liolaeus (red)

Last Minute Valentine/Romance-Themed Shot


Ok. I’ve been trying my best to make this one for about a week. ‘Was doing a Wall-E and Eve shot but it felt that it lacks something.

Last minute rush. ‘Got a good angle. Wifey saw it and gasped in amazement (exaggerated story telling). šŸ˜‰

Here’sĀ  the shot of Figma Koyomi Araragi of the anime Monogatari series and Figma Manaka Takane of the game LovePlus.


Surprise kiss by Figma Manaka Takane of LovePlus game with Koyomi Araragi of Monogatari anime




This pic made it to MyFigureCollection’s Picture of the day (Yey!):

Myfigurecollection Picture of the day POTD Figma Araragi Koyomi Manaka Takane kiss 13 trese mark peeks

Toy: Studying With Figma Manaka Takane of the Game: Love Plus!


Libraries tend to cast a slumber spell on me whenever I enter one. The cold air-conditioned breeze, the timid tapping of shoes, the fluttering of pages turned and the dead silence = sleep.


But if I happen to have someone like Manaka Takane in front of me, I won’t fall asleep, but will surely be dazed staring at her lovely face… -_-


Figma Manaka Takane of the game Love Plus studying in a silence at school

sigh…. -_-