3 Gen Cats


cats and kitten


Majin Cat


Are you familiar with the Dragon Ball Z anime? Do you remember Babidi?

He’s this little rodent looking guy who’s responsible for Majin Buu wrecking havoc on Earth.

Well, he’s back but instead of putting his enchantment on Vegeta again (remember Vegeta with a large “M” on his forehead?), he placed one on a cute little… giant kitten.

Babidi and Majin cat


*The “M” on the kitten’s forehead is not made thru editing. She’s born with that. 😉

Toy: Lost Kitten


I’m not very good with directions. Since my first driving lesson ’til now, I always have some handy backs seat drivers to steer me in and out of the urban battle field. Very handy as they will even curse the other drivers for you. LOL.

If I were to be born as a cat. I’ll end up like Chi here, lost. :p

Chi kitten lost toy

Lost and all alone T_T