Pretty Student Passing


Figma Manaka Takane sure is pretty. She came from the game Love Plus.

Here’s my shot of her as she walks down the hall. ‘Hope you like it!

Figma Manaka Takane of Love Plus game by Good Smile Company


Toy: Studying With Figma Manaka Takane of the Game: Love Plus!


Libraries tend to cast a slumber spell on me whenever I enter one. The cold air-conditioned breeze, the timid tapping of shoes, the fluttering of pages turned and the dead silence = sleep.


But if I happen to have someone like Manaka Takane in front of me, I won’t fall asleep, but will surely be dazed staring at her lovely face… -_-


Figma Manaka Takane of the game Love Plus studying in a silence at school

sigh…. -_-