yellow flower macro


The Pink Flower That Survived


Being into a little Macro photography stuff, I reserved some space on 2 sides of our garage for some mini garden.

Half a year went by, a few (the opposite actually) died on me. Either I really don’t have a green thumb or my dogs and cats are actually vegetarians.

Yes, they tend to eat/destroy/ravage things, from rubber slippers (a pair of pink flip-flops = pink poop), wooden bench and ladder (I think they saw this one on a cartoon show where the characters tend to set traps against the other) to plants (they tend to be more into fruit/vegetable bearing plants but lately even peanut grass).

But here’s a flower that survived. ‘Saved this one when my mother cleared her garden to start anew.

pink flower that survived in 3D

Is it just me or does this looks 3D?