yellow flower macro


Another Camera Phone Macro


‘Used Local phone brand Myphone’s Infinity and a Lieqi clip lens to do this shot.

My hopes aren’t too high since it’s just a camera phone and clips lens but it’s actually nice.

This will do on occasions that I don’t have my mirrorless camera with me.

Though, it’s quite hard for me to use android apps since a phone screen is too small for my chinky eyes.

The color on the phone screen also doesn’t match my computer monitor (calibrated) so I have to do trial uploads to get it right.

Macro of a tiny pink flower using Myphone Infinity and Lieqi Clip lens

Spidey Long Legs


It’s a must for a photo hobbyist like me to have a camera handy, in my case, a mobile phone camera since I’m too lazy and weak to carry my camera all the time. I also bought the Universal Clip lens (with macro, wide and fish eye option) for mobile phones since I usually shoot macro and figures.


Here’s a sample macro shot:

Myphone Infinity phone macro shot of a tiny spider

‘Used my Myphone Infinity mobile phone and a generic Macro clip lens.