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Our Local Dog – Magda


I know imported dogs are nice but we shouldn’t outcast our own local dogs or AsPin (short for “Asong Pinoy” or Phillipine Dog). They can be cute too. You just need to know their angles. 😉


Kidding aside, they are good guard dogs and they can be as loyal as any dog can be. I wish people would treat them better or any other pet, may it be dogs or cats or whatever. They provide unconditional love and companionship.


Having a pet is like having a kid. If you can’t take care of a little child, you shouldn’t have a dog.

Magda Asong Pinoy Philippine dog

Awwww :3



Jojo’s Mojo


Here’s our pet cat, Jojo.

She walked into our life when she was just a little kitten.

She went to our house coming from nowhere and decided to stay there permanently.

If you sit next to her, she will crawl to you lap and sleep. :3

We also always find her sleeping snugly between us in the morning.

Eventually, she outgrew her cuteness and decided to be a ninja cat, ambushing people’s feet as they pass her.

Now she’s a mother of one, passing her ninja genes to her little kitten we call “Usagi” which translates to bunny/rabbit which she really resembles because of her short puffy tail.

ninja cat Jojo

Ninja mode

sexy seductive porn cat Jojo

seductive ;3