The Lonely Gourmet is eating alone… at home.


I don’t have much info regarding this character but bought him because he’s so plain and I can easily fit him in the real world. Here’s Goro “The Lonely Gourmet” by Figma of Good Smile Company …in a 1/12 Mitsuwa model room, …sampling a ref magnet bento. :p   Figma Lonely Gourmet sampling a bento... alone.

Hello 2015!


To start the year right, a change in cover pic / banner is needed.

Here’s my biggest figure, Amazing Spider-man The Ultimate 18″ Super Poseable Action Figure!

My wish for this year is to gain a gazillion followers and shares. So make my wish come true and help me spread the love! ^_^

Spider-man for maxtrese 2015

Spidey is amazed by web links

Big Hero 6 in Action


Well, not in his superhero flying form but someone who helps someone in need is a hero in my list.

Here’s Baymax saving kittens on top of a tree.

By the way, if you plan to watch it, as in any Marvel movie, there’s an after credit scene.


Big Hero 6 Baymax saving kittens trapped on a tree

No claws please.